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AARC Systems

AARC Systems was conceived to provide unique solutions for its customers through the innovative use of technology. Management vision combined with the exceptional skills of the company’s R&D and systems integration teams has led to the development of its own intellectual property and the integration of a range of leading edge technologies delivering a unique package of solutions for its customers. The company’s core competencies include communications, video surveillance & security and evacuation systems. AARC Systems innovative products offer customers better access to services, improved safety, security and greater productivity


AARC-EVAC is a wireless based evacuation, lockdown & multi-zoned SOS message system. Digital radio wireless based ALERT PANELS are easily and cost effectively deployed across any site. The simple press of a button causes the transmission of a digitally encoded radio signal assigned to that button. The system employs a variety of wireless receiver based units so as to provide for maximum flexibility for each application. The receiver/message players fall into two main groups, there are units that feed the Alert Sirens or SOS Assistance messages into an existing PA (Public Address) system and there are Standalone Units that include a Receiver, MP3 based Audio Siren & Message Player, Audio Amplifier & Speakers. All Standalone Units also have their own UPS Battery Backup System in case of mains power failure. In addition the range also includes Visual Alert Beacon Units to assist the hearing impaired and persons wearing hearing protection devices. Wireless Repeater Units are also available to extend the radio range of a system when required. AARC-EVAC is a total system. There are two product streams: one incorporating Lockdown and one without Lockdown. There is a full complement of products in each stream that all work together to provide the best possible Alert System for any situation.

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AARC Systems is all about providing solutions to meet our customers needs. The AARC Farm Security System is a super high definition video camera network that allows you to keep an eye on your property anytime, anywhere. By utilising an AARC Network Airbridge, you can create a security network with cameras in locations up to 3 kilometres apart. The Farm Security System Starter Pack features 4 extemely powerful high resolution cameras available in 3MP & 4MP version. Recordings are saved to a Network Video Recorder with a massive 3TB hard drive specially designed to handle the rigours of 24/7 security recording. The Farm Security System connects to your existing home internet router, allowing video to be viewed in real time over the Internet on your smartphone, TV or on the Web. With add-ons such as cameras with powerful optical zoom, uninterruptible power supplies and number plate recognition (NPR) software available, the AARC Farm Security System is simply the best security camera solution on the market.

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